Community Outreach Tax Clinic

The Clinic is proud to offer free workshops (in English and other languages) to residents and business owners of the Greater Los Angeles region.

Our mission is to educate low-income taxpayers and taxpayers who speak English as a second language about their rights and responsibilities under the federal tax system.

The workshops are tailored to the needs of taxpayers, whether small business owners or consumers. We are particularly interested in serving and reaching out to individuals with English as their second language and to low-income residents of Los Angeles.

Type of Workshops

With adequate advanced notice, the workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the audience in terms of content and length. Examples of the workshops that we facilitate include: Earned Income and the Child Tax Credit; What You Need to Know When You Hire Employees or Use Contractors? Taxes after a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Loan Forgiveness; What You Need to Know When You Run Your Business Out of Your Home?; What You Need to Know about Federal Taxes and Your New Business?

If interested in setting up a workshop, please contact the clinic’s office at (818) 366-0111